We're a venture studio working with founders and companies to use blockchain technology to restore trust. 



(and help solve this most pressing global issue).

We believe that distributed technologies are the key to a more equitable, diverse, and resilient future.

Blockchain is the coolest f%*king thing ever.

You’ve been involved in the ecosystem and are excited about the potential of building applications that will impact the masses.

2017 saw an enormous speculative capital rush into cryptoassets catalyzing experimentation at the protocol layer. As a wave of talent continues to flow into the industry, we expect rapid developments in infrastructure minimizing the frictions and limitations of distributed systems and pave the way for decentralized applications (DApps).

Amid all the noise in the ecosystem, we embrace a builder’s mentality and believe the greatest value and impact will be built over the long-term.

What the f%*k is Blockchain?

You have no idea what blockchain is, and have been told by friends and "experts" about how it can change the world.

Here is a little industry secret for you: most people in “the space” don’t understand all the nuances of it either (don’t tell them that we told you). At Onward Labs we cut through all the noise and the B.S., and build easily understandable and adaptable solutions for real people, like you, and like us, that just so happens to use blockchain technology.

We work with passionate entrepreneurs to build companies that solve real-world problems. The technology is just the conduit.

We've Got Issues

problems we plan to solve

We are not another company blowing hot air. We are focused on companies that:
Empower you to access trusted financial institutions.
Give you back ownership of your data.
Eliminate biases.
Promote open-source collaboration.
Encourage civic engagement, giving you your power back.

The Workshop

our approach

Our workshop process helps founders and companies define problems, identify white spaces, understand users, and ideate design-driven solutions that work.

We provide the place, the structure, and the network to help founders ideate, iterate, create, and operate.

By bringing our design thinking process to Blockchain-based innovation, we ensure founders are thinking about the humans they are building for and the problems they are solving.

Our Team


Josh Thompson

CEO + Co-Founder

Abbey Titcomb

EIR + Head of Strategy

Mohit Mehta

Chief Operating Officer

Brad Tucker

CMO + Co-Founder

Chris Collins CFA

Chief Investment Officer

Aram Barnett

Chief Innovation Officer

Bob Visnov

Chief Technology Officer

Our Co-Founder

With Human Ventures as our co-founder, we offer a structured and creative building environment that is proven, stable, and compliant.


Our Advisors

Sarah Olsen

Director of Business Development, Gemini

Billy Waterson

Director, Galaxy Gives

Carol van Cleef

CEO, LeClair Ryan

Derek Handley

Astronaut in waiting, virgin galactic; entrepreneur
©2018 Onward Labs
386 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10016
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