/who we are/

We’re a venture studio working with founders and early-stage companies to use blockchain to build and restore trust. Our team has been in the space working through it all since 2017.

/what we believe/

There have been a lot of missteps and false promises in the blockchain ecosystem. Too many people saw the space as a way to make a quick buck and buy a Lamborghini. Many believers were pushed aside to usher in those who did not share in those values. 

And it’s not just the blockchain space that lost its way. So has our world. Distrust in our governments, institutions and each other have led to divisions that at times feel insurmountable. 

We believe that building the trust economy is necessary today. The companies and leaders that will succeed and remain competitive must invest in scalable solutions to establish trust. Before it’s too late.

/building trust/

We know that if we’re going to create a paradigm shift and tackle systematic lack of trust, we need to create the place to problem solve. We workshop concepts, poke holes in theses, beta test, bring in outside advisors and come up with ways to apply new technology to current companies wanting to stay competitive.

We are building the trust economy. While trust plays a critical role in our everyday lives, we are beginning with industries which we believe will see the greatest transformation in the next decade due to trust. 

Our Team

Josh Thompson


Abbey Titcomb

EIR + Strategy

Mohit Mehta


Brad Tucker


Chris Collins CFA


Aram Barnett


Bob Visnov


Our Advisors

Sarah Olsen

Executive Director, Head of Business Development for Coin Systems, Onyx by J.P. Morgan

Billy Waterson

Director, Galaxy Gives

Carol van Cleef

CEO, luminous group

Derek Handley

Astronaut in waiting, virgin galactic; entrepreneur
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335 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017
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